White Lives DON’T Matter

If you think they do… let me explain why they really kinda don’t

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

So you’re probably coming at me now with pitchforks raised, or maybe not, but let me explain my very bold statement. White Lives don’t matter because there is no set ‘grouping’ of whiteness. Not as one group with shared culture, shared trauma, shared accent, shared slang. I mean if there was I’d be able to go to France and we’d be able to immediately understand each other. Or Poland, or Russia. There’d be no such thing as a language barrier, or an experience barrier as we’d immediately understand each other and our lives would be the same.

We don’t. You travel to a country outside of your own and there’s differences. Heck in the UK where I am you travel north of England and they speak a whole different language. So what am I saying here? The first reason White Lives don’t matter is because of the fact that there is no such thing as a ‘White Life’. There are specific subgroups that even then are not going to be 100% white within the main grouping of ‘white’ that include Scottish, Polish, Irish, English, Cornish (Yes that is it’s own specific group), Romanian, Russian… see where I’m going here? These sub groups have their own cultural practises, they have their own specific language or slang used. You can even divide it even further to for example Liverpudlian culture, Glaswegian culture. In the UK there’s a North/South divide (though really it’s anything around London lives in it’s own bubble but I digress).

The only group that has a ‘culture’ that is White is White Supremacists. Sorry they do not matter. They need to GTFO.

Reason number 2? White people are the most represented group. I went searching through Unsplash just with the term ‘Person’. There were very few images with Black or Asian people, without the sense they were the token diverse person. Look at a movie, look at a TV show, heck look around you at your place of work. Maybe you’re not the norm and have a lot of diversity, but more likely you will find yourself seeing an overwhelming number of well.. white people. People you can relate to because of their whiteness.

So in summary? White people do not matter because White People as a grouping does not exist. White Supremacy is the only group that exists as a white only culture and that does NOT need to exist. Check your privilege before you sound off about how White People don’t matter sounds racist. Because White People are a LOT more privileged than black people, and that ain’t fair.

Writing about: LGBTQIA+ Issues || Mental Health || Short Stories. Demi-male, trans-masculine — They/Them pronouns. Can be found at — https://deviateddroid.com

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