• Mx. Michelle B...

    Mx. Michelle B...

    Trying to figure out my gender identity and really wishing I could be be two people instead of one. It’s a love triangle between my married life and my desires.

  • Kan Terrance

    Kan Terrance

  • Mx. Brynn Ackley (they/she)

    Mx. Brynn Ackley (they/she)

  • Paul Lombardo

    Paul Lombardo

    Journalist writing mainly about video games and the stories they tell // Student at the University of Florida

  • Ayla Davis

    Ayla Davis

    Trans-feminine maker and leadership advisor learning to live authentically in love and in spirit. Living in MELBOURNE, Australia. Pronouns she/her.

  • Jade-Ceres Violet D. Munoz

    Jade-Ceres Violet D. Munoz

    A digital marketer, a startup co-founder, a Book Fairy, a mom, and a writer. Based in New Zealand. Follow me at: https://www.newsbreak.com/publishers/@561036

  • lisa hickey

    lisa hickey

    Publisher of The Good Men Project. CEO, Good Men Media. I like to create things that capture the imagination of the general public & become part of pop culture.

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