If you think they do… let me explain why they really kinda don’t

So you’re probably coming at me now with pitchforks raised, or maybe not, but let me explain my very bold statement. White Lives don’t matter because there is no set ‘grouping’ of whiteness. Not as one group with shared culture, shared trauma, shared accent, shared slang. I mean if there was I’d be able to go to France and we’d be able to immediately understand each other. Or Poland, or Russia. There’d be no such thing as a language barrier, or an experience barrier as we’d immediately understand each other and our lives would be the same.

We don’t. You…

Looking for how you can ‘other’ people create discord.

Our lives seem to be driven by dissent and discord; all around us, we see chaos, and strife, and seeming ignorance of coming together for a ‘common’ good. Whether it’s no-maskers accusing mask wearers of being ‘sheep’, brexiteers dubbing those who are against Brexit as remoaners, or countless other areas of life, there is conflict. People see people as lesser or merely something to ridicule and cast out their ideas. Why? Because their thoughts and ideas are against their thoughts and ideas. The social cohesion and structure, and the ability to see another's opinions as non-threatening to your own, has…

Think again — much was changed as they became Christianized.

If I was to say Viking to you — images are probably conjured up of vicious barbaric warriors charging in, to raid and pillage, and indeed to go ‘a-Viking’ was a glorious and noble pursuit. But that wasn’t all there was to the people known as the Vikings. They were traders; they were poets; they had a rich history, and an even richer mythos focused on the cycle of life and rebirth. They were farmers, and so much more. However, I’m less interested in focusing on their lifestyle but on how Christianity has changed our perception of their religious beliefs…

What do you do when someone doubts your identity or sexuality?

As more gender identities, sexualities and pronouns come into existence, the most common rebuttal I’ve seen on my journey through the internet, over many sites, is the decision that neo-pronouns are made up. Or a gender identity is made up. Or a sexuality is made up. Always with the underlying tone of ‘because I haven’t heard of these, you must be jumping on the bandwagon,’ or ‘these aren’t valid because I feel you’ve made them up.’

How did the community go from wanting to validate people to suddenly becoming gatekeepers if you're valid enough to take labels that give you…

A vital skill not taught in school.

As I fill my spare time with more and more things I want to do — goals I want to achieve, life experiences I want to have, I’m becoming more and more aware of the vital skill that isn’t taught in schools. Oh, they say that they teach good time management through the provision of homework and timetables — but neither of those realistically move into the real world super well. …

You can dislike the idea of non-binary; how you act depends on if it’s transphobia or not.

There is no issue to me with someone who dislikes non-binary people. Someone who dislikes non-binary people that is their right, to hold their opinion. This dislike isn’t something I find inherently transphobic. This dislike I view as something that is more based on the fact it’s still — at least in western colonial lands — a new phenomenon that people have to get used to. I state western colonial areas because of the number of areas originally used to have identities for people outside of the gender binary. So when does a dislike of nonbinary people become transphobic?

Regardless of your dislike — how you treat people is key.


There is no one, definitive, “right” level of hormone — or prescription pathway — for non-binary trans people

I see this a lot — which hormones do you take if you’re non-binary?

Now, myself, I take the full HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) dose for someone transitioning female to male. But that is because gender is a spectrum, and on it, I’m more on the masculine end of the spectrum. For my mental health and mental happiness, I’m comfortable being viewed as male, as much as I’m comfortable being non-binary androgynous.

But that is my story and my approach.

I’m also looking to eventually have most of the hair on my body (other than that on my head) removed…

Maybe it can change yours too

You may have heard of the phrase “Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint” — but I prefer to remind myself that an “Oak Tree doesn’t grow in a day.” Let me, however, tell you a story.

We’re all familiar with the mighty oak (or the great Redwoods may be more familiar for some readers); however, the concept is the same behind this story, and I’m going to tell it as someone describing an Oak Tree.

I was young, and my brain was bounding with energy. I remember marveling at a great oak tree — it’s old knotted branches having…

Change how you view life, and it’s struggles

If you ask any person whether they’re an optimist or a pessimist, they’ll immediately understand what you’re asking. At its core, you ask them to simplify whether they view life through the lens of looking for the good in life, or looking at life like it’s out to get them. To me, though, life doesn’t have to be like that, and I frequently answer that I view life through the lens of a neutral observer. I try and look for the good in a situation, but I acknowledge some situations suck.

I believe that this has helped to influence my…

Robin Kyrie

Writing about: LGBTQIA+ Issues || Mental Health || Short Stories. Demi-male, trans-masculine — They/Them pronouns. Can be found at — https://deviateddroid.com

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